About Us

Youth Peacemakers, is a Youth oriented organization that provides space for interreligious, intergenerational, international, interracial platform to all members in our areas of work. Our projects are the initiatives to address the grassroots needs. We intend to help build up strong and justified communities that will be able to stand towards a justice based development through taking their responsibilities in fulfilling their citizenship duties as well as demanding social basic rights for fighting poverty from within their communities.

Our Vision

To be a lead Organization that Values for Peace and Justice for all.

Our Mission

To manifest humanity through a genuine involvement of Youths physically, mentally and spiritually by promoting awareness towards God’s creation and their potentialities for self-reliance initiatives in development and culture, through empowerment, lobbying and advocacy.

The organization has the vision to fight poverty and contribute in the 2030 vision of Poverty free world. To achieve the goal it operates in line to the Tanzania vision 2025, the five years Developmental Strategy of Tanzania 2016-2021 and the Sustainable Development goals.

YPM focuses on providing knowledge, skills and empowerment to Youth, women and the community on issues of

Economic Justice: saving and credit groups PM-VICOBA, business incubation, entrepreneurship trainings, involvement in campaigns and advocacy for national resource equity and international economic justice movements. The YPM enables the poor to have TRUST that in- turn gives credibility to the poor of the poor to be able to take loan and address his/her economic challenges.

Democratic Citizenship: YPM focuses on Public Expenditure Tracking Systems- PETS, Youth Parliaments, Debate Clubs, Training on Subject to Citizen to college and Schools Youths as well as participation in implementation of United Nations Security Council-UNSEC 2250 and Campaigns on Education for a girl child. It is our belief that Peace is the outcome of Justice in any given society. To achieve that status, there is a need of citizen participation in planning, decision making and implementation of the agreed goals for community development.