Advocacy & Environment

Our programs on advocacy and environment aims at empowering citizens through civic education and training, to help young people know their position, rights and duties in society and how to hold duty bearers accountable. As members of community, we have a responsibility to take care of our surroundings and bring the change we want to see to our towns and villages. By giving youths arenas to express their citizenship in workshops, meetings, clubs, campaigns, plays and sport groups, we hope to equip the young generation with skills and confidence to be active participants of society for the present and future.

One particular concern in our advocacy programs is climate justice. Tanga region has seen a lot of changes the last years due to climate change. Our trees are disappearing, there is problem of water, and our towns are contaminated by garbage. By increasing awareness among community members about causes and consequences of these phenomenons, and provide climate friendly solutions, we hope citizens will take action to make their surroundings a cleaner place. We can blame our politicians, but the real change has to start with our self firs.

Our Advocacy program mainly has three activities: Subject to citizen (S2C) aimed at children and youth in their teens, Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS) aimed at young adults from 18+ years, and activities dealing with environmental conservation, like three planting and environmental clubs in schools. We also sometimes conduct breakfast meetings, which involves duty bearers and right holders to discuss a given topic chosen by the community.