Subjects to Citizens

S2C is a program launched by the African alliance of YMCA. Noticing that many young Africans were excluded from decision making processes and misused by politicians boosting their own agenda, the African alliance raised the issue of how to turn “subjects” into “citizens”.

A subject is someone who doesn’t know his or her position in society. Someone who blindly follows the stream and don’t have the necessary knowledge or skills to stake out his or her own course in life. The subject is rendered voiceless and invisible by community. They are therefore easily misguided by false promises from politicians using youths as steppingstones to higher political goals.

A citizen is someone who knows his or her position in society and are able to hold his or her leaders accountable. The citizen doesn’t follow command blindly, but ask for what purpose an activity is undertaken and who it will benefit. By empowering the subject, he or she can become an enlightened citizen who are able to claim his or her rights and participate fully in societal live. YPM intend to turn subjects into citizens. We do this through educating youth in clubs in schools, arranging workshops and debates, and activities like tensing and sport groups.