Business Incubation

Lack of information lead people to be off the world. However, we do understand that information is power. That is why YPM has established business incubation development centers around Tanga region.

The aim of establishing these centers are to offer information on businesses development at different stages, give opportunity to recharging phones, access internet (wherever possible), printing, etc. , to create platforms for different ideals for community development, and be hung around centers for youths and communities on development issues. Small libraries with magazines and books provide important information to youth and community about development issues and stop poverty campaign. Young people may also get training and knowledge on how to establish and manage new businesses, like how to make cakes, soap, poultry keeping, etc. Some of the centers has also become examples of alternative energy business that is environmental friendly.

Today YPM has established business incubation development centers in:

  • Mlalo,
  • Shume
  • Msongolo
  • Lushoto
  • Handeni

We are alos  in the process of putting up a center in Korogwe. We are happy to see that youth are learning computer skills which will benefit them in future employment. More communities are demanding for the computers, and we hope to be able to satisfy the need in the future.

Computer center at YPM head office. We have similar centers around in the districts where we work.