Learning Centers

Learning is a life long journey. Learning skills is a different avenue that impart exceptional and important knowledge to the learner for achieving certain objectives in life. Youth Peacemakers has engaged youths in skills training at different centers in Lushoto, Korogwe, Handeni, Mlalo, Shume, Kwekanga, Msongolo and Mkinga. In all these centers they have managed to distribute computers that are used for training the youths in respective communities to learn and get skills necessary for basic entry point into the changing world. In addition to such skills, the centers are expected to provide platform for discussion of pertinent youth issues, economic opportunities and other challenges facing the community at large and youth specifically. The engagement of youth in centers give and open new possibilities to cover the gap of skills, knowledge and opportunities that can be tapped by youth both in urban (common) and rural (special initiative). Despite the distance from urban centers, these centers cover the gap of peer knowledge and ways to understand life even to those in peripheral.
The centers are beneficial to youths in primary and secondary school for they get chance to see (some for the first time) use and learn on the basic functions and importance of computers in our world. A number of youths acknowledge to gain an exceptional knowledge of which if not because of the centers they would have to travel, find accommodation and pay for the fees to learn what they managed to get within their reach. YPM extends a call to different partners over the world to join and support such centers with more computers, get connected and provide volunteers for skills training to the needy communities.